Ellie Shuert
Editor-in-Chief Editor

Ellie is a sophomore interested in studying English and digital humanities. She hopes the Penn Epistle will encourage others to share their stories and testimonies as well as reflect back on God’s countless moments of faithfulness. In her free time, Ellie enjoys embroidering, playing guitar, and finding that perfect hammocking tree.

Madeeha is a sophomore majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in ASL & Deaf Studies. Her name actually means “God is Praiseworthy,” so it was beautifully fitting that the Lord called her to the Praise section of Penn Epistle! She loves painting, singing, and (attempting to) play the piano.

Madeeha Mirza
Sydney Huang
Media and Design Manager

Sydney is a junior studying Marketing and Management in the Wharton School. Sydney hopes that the Penn Epistle will help students learn more about God’s grace in the gospel and encourage them to rejoice in the Lord’s incredible mercies in their lives. In her free time, Sydney enjoys playing sports, attempting to bake, and spending time with friends!

Matt is a junior studying neuroscience and psychology. He sees the Epistle as an amazing opportunity to foster Christian community across Penn’s campus and to constantly witness for Christ. In his free time, Matt enjoys cooking, cheering on the Eagles, playing guitar, and biking by the river.

Matt Burst
Business Manager
Jehuda Kusuma
Staff Writer

Jehuda Kusuma is a junior in the College planning to major in psychology. Jehuda sees the Penn Epistle as an opportunity for him and others to bring the Gospel and shine a light on its relevance and power in today’s world. In his free time, Jehuda is also a youth pastor at his church and preaches there every week.

Joshua is a junior majoring in Physics. He views the Penn Epistle as an opportunity to share the depth of beauty in God and His Good News. In his free time, he enjoys biking, reading, exploring nature, and playing games.

Joshua Anumolu
Staff Writer
Julia Deng
Staff Writer

Julia is a junior in Wharton, concentrating in Marketing, from Boston. She hopes that Penn Epistle will serve as a community and outlet to bring together all types of people under a shared purpose – glorifying and cultivating the kingdom of God. She enjoys reading, cooking, and hiking in her spare time.

Sarah is a sophomore interested in studying creative writing and philosophy, politics, and economics. Sarah has two great loves: words and the Gospel; Penn Epistle represents the intersection of these two entities, and she would be remiss if she didn’t take up the opportunity to glorify God through the power of language. When she’s not writing or reading, Sarah enjoys baking, snacking, watching animes and kdramas, and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

Sarah Shin
Staff Writer
Luke Baber
Staff Writer

Luke is a freshman studying finance and accounting. Luke believes the Epistle is to share and rejoice in the love and grace that God has provided for us through salvation. In his free time, Luke enjoys playing disc golf, watching college football, and people watching from park benches.

Sid is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science. Sid believes the Penn Epistle offers a wonderful avenue to bring to light the beautiful intricacies of scripture and share those with other believers. He loves scriptural exegesis, and writing mini-sermon outlines in his journal.

Sid Kanderi
Staff Writer
Rebecca Kim
Staff Writer

Rebecca is a sophomore interested in studying biology and psychology. She hopes the Penn Epistle can be a place where she grows in wonder and love for the Lord. Rebecca enjoys watching movies and tv shows in her free time.

Sara is a sophomore majoring in international relations. She believes the Penn Epistle presents an opportunity to respond to the call God has given her to worship Him through writing and edifying word.

Sara De la Sobera
Staff Writer
Jade Hermosillo
Staff Writer

Jade is a freshman studying history and Russian and Eastern European studies with a minor in computer science. She hopes the Epistle will be a place where she can grow in confidence to share her faith with those around her. In her free time Jade enjoys watching movies, eating spaghetti, and laughing.

Destiny is a sophomore majoring in communications. Destiny sees the Penn Epistle as an opportunity to share the goodness, grace, and mercy of God with the community around her. In her free time, Destiny enjoys spending time in nature, listening to music, and watching international tv shows.

Destiny Dennis
Staff Writer


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