Life is like a puzzle

May 6, 2021

But in life, there is no box. Only God knows what the final image looks like. We just have what we are given: the pieces.

Love like Jesus

Mar 11, 2021

If this is the fierce and unrelenting love that Jesus shows us, how much more are we to share the riches of this love!

I love you, too

Feb 11, 2021

God shattered my preconceptions through love, strengthened my heart with love, and renewed my soul in love.

The state of Christian youth

Feb 4, 2021

If the Church continues to understate its responsibility to faithfully guide the younger generation toward a healthy relationship with Jesus, there will be more and more young people who will feel used and exploited by the Church.

Finding hope for family restoration in the new year

Dec 31, 2020

Joseph’s last memory of his family was his brothers selling him into captivity. Yet, that wasn’t the end. God brought Joseph’s family together and restored it.

What is biblical community?

Dec 10, 2020

As “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17) we sharpen one another, reminding each other of obedience and keeping one another accountable in our actions. Pondering over gospel realities together and challenging one another will allow the Lord to refine us.

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