The living powerful Word

Dec 16, 2021

We have the breath of God at our fingertips—His every promise and declaration of love. So many times we question why God cannot simply speak to us, like a friend can to another friend. But we forget that God has spoken—and is still speaking—through His Word.

The penal substitution of forgiveness

Nov 18, 2021

If Jesus can substitute Himself to take on the penalty we deserve so that our sins against a holy God may be atoned, who are we to turn to another and say that they must receive their penalty for their sins against us?

Philemon’s hidden Gospel

Oct 28, 2021

In most Bibles, Philemon is just a page long with 25 verses. In spite of its length, the Lord simultaneously displays the rich intricacy and concision of the gospel.


Oct 15, 2021

The One who cleanses us is our very Lord and Master because He so desires to present you spotless that He comes low to take care of us as we walk.

The redemption of work – pt.1

Aug 14, 2021

Work was never meant to be the source of a person’s identity, but rather, flowing from it. It was a manifestation of—a cooperation with—a result of—inner peace and joy, not the cause of it.

Called to sobriety

Aug 5, 2021

In these last days, it is especially important that we stay alert. 1 Peter 4:7 says, “The end of all things is at hand; therefore, be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers.” We need to have a sound mind so that we can discern God’s voice, do His will, and stay out of the traps of the enemy.

Living stones

July 29, 2021

Jesus is our Rock, our living stone, our Cornerstone. There is no other way to build a life that produces fruit except upon Him.

But Jesus is just the first living stone. We are the rest of them.

The beauty of hesuchía (Confessions part I)

July 1, 2021

When our souls are still, the words we speak, the things we do, and the way in which we serve others will be prudent, kind, and full of His beauty.

Psalm 133

June 10, 2021

(Luke 24:27) is one of my favorite verses because it highlights a fact we often overlook, especially regarding the Old Testament: all the Scriptures point back to Jesus.

Imitating the servant-hearted nature of Jesus

June 3, 2021

When we realize that we are not serving ourselves but instead the Creator of the universe, acting selflessly and loving everyone comes naturally.

The idolatry of emotionalism

April 22, 2021

For a variety of reasons I fear that the past year has increased the prevalence of emotionalism—an idolatry that often manifests itself in my life, and likely in yours.

God’s divine timing

April 15, 2021

If God wants us to wait for what is ultimately the better reward at His set time, or take a certain step at a particular moment, we must do so in faith, knowing that He holds the times and seasons in His hands and knowing that He has the best intentions towards us.

Christian magnanimity: greatness and nobility of soul

April 8, 2021

Be honorable beyond your capabilities for fortitude, be kinder than your temper allows: fail magnificently—for surely you will—but do anything but balk at the vocation to which God has called you.

Partaking in the death and resurrection of Christ

April 1, 2021

God sacrifices himself for the forgiveness of our sins and offers us to partake in His own death through the gift of faith which He Himself provides that we may be a new creation in Christ Jesus.

Humility and the Kingdom of God

Mar 25, 2021

God only counts as righteous those who believe they are not good and in any way deserving to be considered such.

Return to ancient paths

Mar 4, 2021

Brothers and sisters, we do not know what we do not know—a reality that inhibits our ability to live in a manner worthy of the gospel. Our generation will fail in conquering new ground for Christ if we do not first reclaim our firm foundation.

Life embodied in Lent

Feb 18, 2021

The Lenten struggle and preparation is precisely the battle we must always fight, and in this sense, Lent is the most poignant expression of our existence.

The miracle of regeneration

Jan 14, 2021

Regeneration is the first work of the gospel where God not only saves us from bondage to sin, but also makes us capable of truly desiring to love Him and to love others selflessly. God looks on our helpless state and lovingly transforms us anyway.

The pursuit of cosmic truth

Dec 17, 2020

The magnanimous philosophical and theological discussion of truth is pivotal for the moral, intellectual, and political functioning of society and the deliverance of the individual human soul.

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