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The importance of trust

As humans living in the current moment, our greatest source of counsel and direction for uncertainty is Jesus, who alone works all things for the most perfect glory of God and the greatest good for mankind.

The weary soul

Pride had blinded me to the most obvious element of my relationship with Jesus Christ: I am a perpetual sinner, and He is my perpetual Savior.

Sisters in Christ

In this broken world, there is little to no appreciation for the uniquely feminine gifts that God has given to women. God understands our struggle, and He has provided us with a gift to help us in our Christian walk: female ministry.

I am weak

A weak tire provides a rough journey even on a smooth road. I am not a strong individual going through challenges that make me weak, I am an innately weak individual that is fully dependent on a faithful God to get me through every and any circumstance

What it means to be human

The stories I hear from my friends represent only a minuscule perspective of the world around me, yet shared humanity is a kind of gift we often don’t think about when we walk by a person laying on the street.

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