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Psalm 133

(Luke 24:27) is one of my favorite verses because it highlights a fact we often overlook, especially regarding the Old Testament: all the Scriptures point back to Jesus.

More than gold

When you hear the word ‘gold’, some of the first things that could come to mind include ‘value’, ‘treasure’, ‘beauty’, ‘money’! But even with all its appeal, Jesus far exceeds materials like gold in value, because He enriches your life in ways that exceed appearance or wealth.


These trees that we on our best day might consider “majestic scenery” are actually one of the Lord’s beautiful and recurring analogies for godly believers.

The idolatry of emotionalism

For a variety of reasons I fear that the past year has increased the prevalence of emotionalism—an idolatry that often manifests itself in my life, and likely in yours.

God’s divine timing

If God wants us to wait for what is ultimately the better reward at His set time, or take a certain step at a particular moment, we must do so in faith, knowing that He holds the times and seasons in His hands and knowing that He has the best intentions towards us.

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