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What’s in a name?

Names are likewise critical to our Christian faith. From a biblical perspective, the name of the Lord is a wonderful gift; the Creator of the universe has revealed Himself to us by name.

The incarnation as bridge

On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a baby. We celebrate a new metaphysical reality that breaks into our world with earth-shattering humility.

He abideth faithful

Even when you fail Him, He does not fail you. If you truly are a member of Christ’s body, then He can never and will never deny you, for that amounts to denying Himself.

The powerful living Word

We have the breath of God at our fingertips—His every promise and declaration of love.
So many times we question why God cannot simply speak to us, like a friend can to another friend. But we forget that God has spoken—and is still speaking—through His Word.


Here I am. Raw, broken, and gross, but here I will always be. Willing and desperate for an eternity to know You.

When we cling to despair

Let us cling to the One who stripped Himself of all His deserved glory, who endured the beatings, mockings, and scornings, who was slain in our place, that we might have perfect communion and everlasting peace with the Father.

The penal substitution of forgiveness

If Jesus can substitute Himself to take on the penalty we deserve so that our sins against a holy God may be atoned, who are we to turn to another and say that they must receive their penalty for their sins against us?

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