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A Time for Sorrow: The Beauty of Lament

How amazing is it that we have a God that wants to hear our sorrows? How astounding is it that He gives us the right to lay our complaints before Him? How great is it that there is nothing He wants us to hide from Him? How beautiful is it that we have the gift…


“The world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever”(1 John 2:17). Each pillar of Lent seeks to purify us and help us shed worldly loves and attachments, that God might be all in all within our hearts.

Worth: A reflection on Matthew 8:8

We will always be worthless because of our falling short of God’s perfect standard, because of our sins. But thank the Lord that He sent His worthy Son down to die for our sins, not because we were worthy, but because Jesus is.

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