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What it means to be human

The stories I hear from my friends represent only a minuscule perspective of the world around me, yet shared humanity is a kind of gift we often don’t think about when we walk by a person laying on the street.


I have failed, miserably so, I have forgotten almost enough; it would be easier to ditch the faith than return, and yet…

Generations of hope

Every child is significant in God’s plan and valuable to Him, and we are charged with protecting these little ones and not casting them away as insignificant. To not act on their behalf when the chance presents itself is to neglect the gospel calling.

True love pursues justice

Therefore, let us look no further than to Jesus and, as disciples of the God of righteousness, ask His Spirit to empower us to pursue justice. Why? Because true love does not stay to injustice but rather, true love pursues justice.

The little things

I have started to pay attention to more little instances like these because He also cares about the little things. He takes care of the little things—little things like me.

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