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When we cling to despair

Let us cling to the One who stripped Himself of all His deserved glory, who endured the beatings, mockings, and scornings, who was slain in our place, that we might have perfect communion and everlasting peace with the Father.

When He breathed life into our bones

You’ve never felt a silence quite so loud as this, a silence weaving in and out of rotting skulls that lay decaying, a silence rendering multitudes hauntingly wordless in the scorched heat.

Can these bones live?

Philemon’s Hidden Gospel

In most Bibles, Philemon is just a page long with 25 verses. In spite of its length, the Lord simultaneously displays the rich intricacy and concision of the Gospel.

A new normal

Though my salvation was bought and secured one time, there is still a part of the Christian walk that includes choosing to define ourselves by Jesus again and again, repeatedly choosing newness—willingly stepping into a new normal.


The One who cleanses us is our very Lord and Master because He so desires to present you spotless that He comes low to take care of us as we walk.

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