Final Song of Hillel

What can a prideful heart know of the ways of God?
Only on the path of humility can He be found.
How great are the depths of His mercy,
How awesome the justice of His hand.

I have been ground into dust,
The fields of my soul have been salted.
Though my soul is overwhelmed with grief,
Who am I, lowly sinner, that I should hear Your Word?
Yet I shall hope in the Lord, my God, and my salvation.

Humble me, and let my tears of repentance be my sustenance.
Lord, O Lord, how deep and unfathomable are Your mysteries!
Let me tremble, God of my fathers, before Your awesome presence,
In prostration before Your Holy Altar.

My soul groans once more
Who are you? Who am I?
In the working of Your mysteries I am stupefied
Your ways are beyond me

In my littleness I detest what does not seem
But I know that I know not
But of what I know not I know not
And know in depth what I ought

The God who always has been has known us before we could even be.
When we were nothing, He loved us,
And still, we are nothing.
A rock and a spark, alive and glorifying the Almighty!
Let the Lord crown His beloved children with His gifts.

A great and wise Father,
From whom streams the waters of eternal life.
Humble my heart, O God, so that I do not resist Your calling.
May all that I do reflect Your glory.

O Lord, Mighty One,
from Death, You have saved me once more!
I confess, even in my knitting You were my salvation.

In Jacob’s tongue I blessed You,
For the love of my father I gave myself over to You.
Though enemies have sought to undo Your work,
At every turn, You have confounded them.

Let my life be a testament to Your enduring mercy,
And my chastisements to Your justice.
And let the confessions of my tongue speak of Your goodness.
In my lungs, You have breathed Your Holy Breath.
In my sinews, You have renewed me.

In the chill of the night I gaze upon the heavens
The stars cry out Your coming glory
I say to you,
You are my God!

I will praise Your name, O Lord!
From the depths and the heights I will praise You
For You are my hope
My salvation and my peace

For Your blessing I will fight
And before Your throne I shall kneel
I shall gaze upon Your holy face
It is written, let nothing be said otherwise!

Now I can see Jerusalem from afar,
Your beloved city.
You have assured that I shall see
In all her splendor, the Emerald of the East,
Magnificent and beautiful,
The city of David.

In the Holy City I will dwell,
In Your temple I shall sing songs of praise,
I shall drink the waters of wisdom,
And Your peace shall rest upon me,
Until the time shall come.

When Your enemies shall afflict Your Beloved Israel,
By Your grace, by Your calling I will strive against them.
For You, Immortal One, drew my fathers out of Pharaoh’s land,
You delivered them, have mercy on me!

In love, I yield all to You, not through repayment, but adoration.
For You are faithful in Your promises.
Thus You who loved me first,
Who was coronated with thorns,
Beaten and scourged,
Spat on and vested in purple
And bore the burdensome cross,
Whose mother, higher than angel and archangel,
Seraphim and cherubim, wept bitterly,
Who submitted to the Father,
Should receive in kind the greatest love.

Have mercy on me, Jesus, Son of the Living God,
King of Creation, and Restorer of Eden.

For You have said,
“Let not My will be done, but Yours.”
Guide my heart to Yours, O Lord,
That I may please You in all ways,
Conformed to Your blessed image,
A partaker of the nature eternal.

Purify me, then, O God
Cleanse my soul in the rivers of righteousness
Seal my heart with Your Holy Spirit
Anoint my head with the horn of salvation.
For I am hungry, O Lord,
And the doors are closed
Yet I know that with You all things are possible
Therefore I will seek You out
And by Your grace be saved.

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