Seventh Song of Hillel

Hear my acclaim, O Lord!
You who tested my fathers in the wilderness
To reveal the secrets of their hearts

When the enemy came against me
He sought to rend my flesh and crush my bones
To extinguish the fire within my soul
A suffering from which the grave alone could deliver me
The torment not merely the tribulations
But the bitterness of victory
For we are rebels of the Rebel
Though Caesar’s auspices vary
Always we stand against the ruler of this world
What shall I say to the adopted ones?

Look upon Jacob’s Ladder!
That dead wood rooted in the ground
Blessed by the Lord
By which He shall retrieve His holy ones
It is certain that the conqueror shall not come out unscathed
He shall bear his scars
Yet a sign marks him
The sign of the LORD, one of enduring Love
Will the enemy seek out my undoing once more?

Should it even be asked?
Shall I be left to Uriah’s fate?
No, for my King stands at my side
And I know that if I should be struck down
As long as I but cling to Life
I will be drawn to Jerusalem
My wounds shall be healed
And a crown of glory laid upon my head
The Glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

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