Dear Jesus

Our world is dying. Mother Nature‚Äôs tears raise the ocean waters as she powerlessly watches her children suffocate in the polluted air and wash up ashore choked by synthetic fibers. Society disintegrates as governments become dark alleyways for the selfish to manipulate and exploit the meek and innocent while hiding their fraudulent sins behind locked doors. The world shatters as people, cultures, and countries battle for fame, identity, and power. My heart breaks as I see the possibility of unity dipping below the horizon and the mysterious night begins to rise. 

Oh Lord, our end is drawing near. Oh Lord, have mercy. 

I pray for the refugees, the homeless, the forgotten, the shunned. I pray for the people and creatures whose homes and lives are engulfed by flames and floods. I pray for the families whose parents sacrifice every bite to desperately help their babies cling to life. I pray for the children who have not yet realized the purpose of their life but are slain by human hands puppeted by satan.

Forgive me. Forgive them. We are falling apart. 

But one thing brings us together; one thing lifts us up; one thing strengthens us: hope. 

And that hope comes from You. 

As the sun sets, its anti-crepuscular rays remind me that You, God, bring purpose, light, and love to this distraught world. You give us the power to confront and battle death. You reside in each and every one of us. You feel what we feel: You feel the pain of Your children, You cry the tears that we cry, You know every desire we have buried deep in our hearts.

You alone can open our eyes to reveal to us the sins and evil of this world. You alone bring dimension and truth to our lives.

Because of You we realize that without sadness we feel no joy. 

Without ugliness we see no beauty. 

Without brokenness we experience no unity. 

Without You we have no hope. 

And in a world of terror, mistrust, and anger, Your hope is a water made blade that slashes the fiery throats of fear, anguish, and evil. 

I fall asleep comforted with the knowledge that our lives are caressed in the palm of Your hands. As I drift off with a hopeful heart, my eyes fill with tears of sorrow for my brothers and sisters, friends and strangers, family and foes. When I open my eyes to a new day, I collapse to my knees.

God, we are dying. Jesus, come back. Please, save our souls. You are our only hope.

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