Rooted and established in Love

One of my favorite phrases from Paul is the idea of being “rooted and established in love.” It isn’t enough to just find our footing in love, or meander alongside the idea of love. It is a choice, and it is a person–not merely just a feeling. We must have every vein and artery coursing with love, so much so that it infiltrates our hate with greater power than when we were dead in our sin and our hate infiltrated what we thought was true love.

His love is a love that surpasses words–a love that surpasses this lifetime. It’s a love that could never originate from us yet we commit our lives to reflect. It’s the sacrificial love of the Savior. We stand on this earth as testimonies to the saving power of His love. Our very beings, redeemed and restored, are the evidence.

It takes more confidence and courage than we expect. Sometimes we fear boldly proclaiming the love we have found. But then we picture the nails driven through His feet, and plant our feet firmly on our Rock, finding the strength to proclaim, “This is what I believe.” And we remain rooted there until we die for it, in it, and through it, claim the prize the Lord has promised us. 

Though I feel my feet planted, I know my knees often buckle with uncertainty and doubt. Sometimes I fight off the gravity tying my feet to the ground and rooting me to my beliefs. The floating feels like flying, but without my God, my flying is falling. My so-called “freedom” is enslavement to my own sin. I might fly everywhere on this earth, but in heavenly terms, I have gone nowhere. 

So I pray to remain rooted and for temptation to be trampled. And because my future is established, a promise, a room in the house of the Lord that is being prepared for me, I feel my feet rest on the ground in a new freedom: obedience to Jesus, who saved my life. 

I want my roots to grow deeper into the good soil. I want to be able to recite Scripture back to myself when I feel my heart fill with helium and feel that urge to drift away from my Refuge. I want to feel the supernatural energy and peace that comes with an intimate relationship with the Father. I want my roots to grow deeper, so I must go to the Well, where the Living Water will fill me. Let my roots grow to boundless depths so I might know the fullness of You.


Scriptures Referenced

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